Guy D. Biechele

I live in the rural New England town of Athol, Massachusetts.  During my career as a craftsman / woodworker, I have built guitars, harpsichords, and fine furniture.  When I am not in the woodshop, I am pursuing my photography.

My interest in photography began during the time I was in college, majoring in natural resource conservation. I was involved in many outdoor activities, and found myself drawn to landscape / nature photography. Over the years I continued to make pictures, but not with the same passion. This passion was rekindled with the advent of digital photography.  I was drawn to digital photography because of the degree of personal control and creativity this medium affords.

I am most likely to be photographing outdoors. My favorite subjects include New England landscapes, Maine coast seascapes, lighthouses, architecture, and wildlife. My goal is to better "see" the world around me and capture New England's unique beauty in a way that can be shared and provide inspiration to others.

My images have been exhibited in galleries in New England, and as a member of Digital Photography Internationale, my work has been shown in galleries across the United States. My photography has been featured on book, magazine, and catalog covers, corporate advertising campaigns and in magazine and newspaper articles. In addition, my images have won numerous awards on the internet, and are featured in several online galleries. As a teacher, I am on the faculty of the Sharon Arts Center, NH and the Petersham Art Center, MA where I teach workshops on digital photography and PhotoShop.

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